The Light of Life

Then Jesus spoke to them again, saying, “I am the light of the world. He who follows Me shall not walk in darkness, but have the light of life.”  John 8:12

All of us have attempted to find our way in a dark place before locating a light switch.  I do this most mornings as I get out of bed and walk downstairs to get my first cup of coffee.  A few years ago, I went on a vision mission trip to Indonesia. After two days of traveling, we arrived and were taken, late at night, to our hotel. Our interpreter helped us to check in and once we had received our key cards we were sent on our way. All four of us on the trip ended up in different parts of this massive hotel. I finally made it to my room after a long walk with my luggage in tow. After using my key card to open the door I went and placed my luggage on the bed and glanced at my watch, realizing that it was 3:00 AM and we had to be in the lobby ready to leave for our next flight at 7:00 AM. I turned around to unpack a few things I would need for that night and the lights went off. I slowly made my way to the light switch that was already on when I entered the room. I flipped the light switch on and off, but nothing happened. Thinking there was a power outage I made my way over to look out of the window and notice that the outside lights were all still on. Puzzled, I made my way back to flip the light switch again but still nothing. I opened the door to my room and the lights came on. Still puzzled, I went back to my luggage and after about a minute the lights in my room went off again. I went through the same routine again with no luck until I opened the door to the room and the lights came back on. By this time, I was so confused and sleepy that I made my way to the front desk to ask for assistance.  The two men working the front desk could not speak English and I could not speak their language. But, after a lot of pointing at the lights and a door, finally one of them took my key card and motioned me to follow him.  We returned to my room, and he used the key card to open my door. Once the door was opened and we were inside he took the key card and placed it in a slot on the wall. He pointed to the lights and gave me a thumbs up. Then he pointed to the key card and shook his finger letting me know not to remove it from the slot if I wanted the lights to work. This was my first experience with this type of key card that had to be placed in the slot to power the room including the air conditioning. I soon learned that this is quite common in that part of the world to conserve electricity. The night was almost over before I was able to settle into bed.

The purpose of light is to illuminate. Jesus said in this verse that He is the Light of this world and if we receive Him, our paths will be made clear, and darkness will not rule us.  Many today walk in darkness because they refuse to accept the free gift God offers to all who will reach out and take it.

Earlier in John chapter 8, Jesus forgave an adulterous woman who was walking in darkness.  When she had an encounter with Him, she began to walk in the light. We can all experience that same light that will lead us to an eternity with Jesus, I pray you have done so. If not know that Jesus is still offering us light through salvation today so that we all can be freed from the darkness of sin.

Dale Hendricks

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