We Can Always Turn to Jesus

We Can Always Turn to Jesus

Originally Written: December 10, 2020

In this life, so many things can change so quickly. When we celebrated the new year of 2020, we never expected that by March, the coronavirus would be sweeping through not only our nation, but around the world. Who would have imagined that life as normal would very shortly be anything but normal? So, what do we do?

You see, not only can our lives be turned upside down by a virus, but it can be turned upside down by many different things. Some of those things may affect us for a short season while others will affect us for a lifetime. I would like to share with you one such event that has changed my family forever. In December of 2002, my life seemed to truly be blessed. I was the Youth Minister at a large Baptist Church; blessed with one of the largest youth programs in our area. My beautiful wife was carrying our first child. It seemed like life could not be better, until we received the news that there was a problem with our son, and he was very unlikely to survive. I still very vividly remember the day we went in for a checkup and was told there was no heartbeat. Our world started to crash around us. We were instructed to go to the hospital where labor was to be induced, and my precious wife would go through complete labor and delivery knowing that our son would be deceased when delivered. With broken hearts, we held him in our arms. In the days to come, we would have a full memorial service. People tried to encourage us; however, many did not know what to say or said things that really did not help. It was during this time that we realized we were so thankful for our family and friends around us who loved and supported us. Most importantly, we realized that our relationship with Jesus Christ was where our true strength came from and that is what carried us through. Without our faith, I know we would not have made it.

On December 7, 2020, our son Andrew would have turned 18. As much as we would like to say that all the pain is gone and our hearts are completely healed, that is not true. The truth is, even now Jesus still loves on us and carries us through. We continue to rely on His promises, and when the dark hours come in our lives, we still lean on our Savior. (Deuteronomy 31:6 “He will not leave you nor forsake you.”)

My wife posted the following on her Facebook page on our son’s birthday.
“Today, we should be celebrating an 18th birthday. We should be wrapped up in a crazy senior year. We should be embracing every moment knowing our first born should be graduating in only a few short months and beginning life's journey as an adult. We should be doing a lot of things, but we are not.
Instead, I sit and wonder about what he would look like. I wonder what his interests would be. I wonder how in the world we would be surviving in a home of 4 high school teenagers. I wonder if he would enjoy Christmas as much as I do. I wonder... I wonder... I wonder...
But, I also wonder what it was like for him to open his eyes in glory. I wonder how the last 18 years have been seeing the face of Jesus. I wonder, if we will be known as we are known, did he recognize his sister right away. I wonder if their 11-month age difference was as just a day in Heaven?
There are so many things I’ve wondered about over the last 18 years. So many questions I'll never have answers to. But, I'm thankful for the peace of knowing just where he is and that I'll see him again one day.”

You see, not only did our faith in Jesus bring us through the loss of our son, but just 11 months later the loss of our daughter Elizabeth. Our Faith in Jesus has brought us through so many other dark hours and uncertainties. Please remember, when we don’t know which way to turn and all hope seems to be gone, we can always turn to Jesus.

Dale Hendricks
Senior Pastor
Shady Grove Baptist Church

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